by Emma Cervi

Black Rock Coffee Bar opens a new location off Thompson Peak and Bell near Notre Dame Preparatory, February 15, 2021 Staff Photos/Emma Cervi 

Notre Dame Preparatory students share what their favorite places to grab a coffee or tea before school are based off of both quality and convenience. 

For many, it can be a struggle to wake up early in the morning, and sometimes a little bit of caffeine is needed to jumpstart the day. This article will provide answers from NDP students on where they prefer to get their caffeine on the way to school.

#1 Black Rock Coffee Bar

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Black Rock Coffee Bar was ranked in first place by both NDP seniors interviewed. BlackRock located within walking distance to NDP, and offers a variety of drinks including teas, coffees, and energy drinks known as fuels. “Black Rock is the best place to get coffee, tea or anything because it’s always on the way, the closest coffee shop to my house, and has good drinks.” said NDP Senior Haleigh Cawthon. 

#2 AJ’s Fine Foods

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The second most convenient place to get a drink in the morning was AJs, a fine foods grocery store that offers gourmet pastries as well as handcrafted coffee and teas. AJ’s is also located within less than a mile of NDP, and is extremely popular among both students and staff. “I don’t love AJ’s coffee, but they have the best tea.” said Cawthon.

#3 Dutch Bros

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The third most popular place visited by NDP students and faculty is Dutch Bros, which is a student favorite and serves coffees, teas, and energy drinks known as Rebels. Even though it is not located in close proximity to NDP like the other options, its quality, according to students, is far superior. “If we’re not talking about convenience, Dutch Bros is definitely the best place to get a coffee or tea on the way to school.” said NDP Senior Brooke Benson.

#4 Starbucks

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Fourth on the list is Starbucks, a coffee joint that specializes in coffee, but also provides a variety of Teavana teas as well. Starbucks is also conveniently located near NDP, but Cawthon stated that it is not as popular as other drink destinations listed due to the usual long lines and acquired coffee taste. 

#5 Kona 13 Coffee and Tea

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Kona 13 Coffee and Tea was ranked fifth place, and is a local coffee shop that has artisan coffee, but is further away from NDP. Fewer students are familiar with this coffee joint, considering there is only one locally in Arizona. “Kona has the best quality coffee because I love Hawaiian coffee and it has the best taste to me.” said Benson. 

#6 Dunkin’ Donuts

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Lastly, Dunkin Donuts is ranked in sixth place. More popular on the East Coast, Dunkin’ Donuts has delicious coffee but lacks the other options of tea and energy drinks and is less conveniently located to be purchased on the way to NDP for most. 

Overall, Black Rock was voted to be the best place to stop by for a coffee or tea on the way to school, but hopefully by reading this article someone will discover a new destination for coffee or tea to try on the way to NDP.