“The future of E-Sports at Notre Dame Prep is looking bright,” according to Alberto Lefebvre. But there is a challenge: the club needs to find a new club moderator.

The E-Sports club has seen some real growth over the past year at NDP, but this continued growth is in question without a permanent club moderator. Currently, Rebecca Strolic has agreed to be the temporary sponsor and although she is committed to helping the club meet and compete, the team realizes the need for a permanent sponsor will is critical for the club’s success. 

The club was started by Trevor Johnson in 2019 with only a few members. Since then, it has grown to 13 members in the 2020-21 school year where the team meets weekly to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate and other games. There were some competitions with other schools, but with COVID, this was not easy to accomplish. At the start of this school year, the team has already seen increased interest from the freshman class with at least four new members joining the ranks. This is inspiring for Lefebvre as he stated it was, “an absolute treat” to be one of the team captains this year. 

The E-Sports team is excited about the game focus this year which is “Super Smash Bros Ultimate.”  This is a favorite game for many of the teams’ members. Although they will continue to play past favorites like Rocket League and Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros is their fan-favorite favorite. The team hopes to participate in competitions in the Spring, but with the loss of the club moderator, will not be able to do so in the fall. 

Along with the search for a new sponsor, the E-Sports team also hopes to continue to grow its team members. Strolic encouraged ways to increase membership including, “an announcement on NDP live, participating in the club fair and word of mouth by current team members.”  As with any up-and-coming club, the ability to create excitement and interest will be especially important to the viability of the E-Sports club and the current members are looking forward to this challenge. 

As we look towards next year, Strolic stated, “it is not a question as to whether or not we will find a new sponsor, but we do not know who it will be yet.”  There is some hope that a new person in the IT department could be interested in taking on this responsibility. Strolic also mentioned, that, “they (school leaders) are looking at finding somebody on campus that doesn’t have a lot of other obligations that would be interested in taking on this role.”   

Until the permanent choice for a new sponsor is made, the team is thrilled to have Strolic and her leadership. The team meets every Monday and Thursday after school in the CCI.  If you are interested in learning more about the E-Sports team, please reach out to the two captains, Alberto Lefebvre, and Michael McDonald.