By: Isaac Llenas 

College Football – 6 Things to Expect This Season 

  1. Expect Upsets 

This season is going to be a good one. One thing to really expect is upsets no matter what ranking. This season started off with dramatic fashion as Oregon took down number 3 ranked Ohio State, last week at Ohio Stadium. The odds of a team winning an away game with a huge crowd is exceptionally low.  

“It is probably the best upset were going to see this season. It is a huge one.”          Duke Frye said. 

  1. Ridiculous Rankings 

From what has been seen so far, expect ridiculous rankings. No matter what happens, the fan favorites will stay in the Top 10. Visit any social media platforms and you will see some of the most ridiculous rankings. Many callings Sports Talk Shows crazy. 

“I feel like Notre Dame has proven themselves to be a top contender,” said Mr. Rylski. 

Duke Frye would disagree.  

“I am not the biggest fan of Notre Dame. I am more of a USC and Stanford fan. Notre Dame is ranked too high. They have almost lost multiple times to mediocre teams.” Duke said.  

From what many saw, Sports Analysts have been putting teams higher than they should be. 

  1. Close Scores 

Just from week one we have seen many close scores from an abundant number of teams. Notre Dame, mentioned before, almost lost to unranked Toledo last Saturday at Toledo’s Stadium. The score was 29-32.  

“Oh yeah, that game was a little too close,” said Nick Misselbrook.  

It’s not just Notre Dame, however. Clemson has been the talked about so much during the last few months but lost to Georgia on a close score of 10-3, with Clemson almost scoring at the end. 

  1. Unseen Talent 

Notre Dame Preps field all ready for game day. There are many players                                                                    ready to play at the next level and show their skills to college coaches.                                                             Photographer: Isaac Llenas 

If there is one thing you are going to see, it’s going to be unexpected talent. Last year Quinn Meinerz, A Division III football player, showed crazy amount of talent last year in the Senior Bowl. This year you will see much more of that. Some colleges just need to find talent. 

“You know, being recruited by SDSU (San Diego State University) has showed me that if there’s talent there, they will find you,” said Duke. 

  1. Energy In the Stands 

The season is going to be one of the most energetic seasons in college football. Since there are not as many restrictions it is going to be packed and crazy. Everyone has waited for this season to come. 

“If you saw Wisconsin’s fans dancing to ‘Jump Around’ it would amaze you.” Duke said. 

Just from the first 2 weeks of football there has been crazy amounts of energy. Just wait till the playoffs, because with this season you will not know who will make it. 

  1. Problems With N.I.L 

There is a new rule that N.C.A.A proposed that will endorse college players. Few agree with this as you are never guaranteed to start but many think it is a positive. Name Image and Likeness will help players boost college players’ ego by paying them. It will cause brands to lose insane amounts of money. If there is one thing that will ruin college sports it will be this.