Notre Dame Prep’s film noir homecoming invitation, which is taking place Oct. 16, 2021.  

Six most exciting events during homecoming week  

Notre Dame Prep’s high school homecoming is one of the most exciting weeks during the year, with school spirit, football games and several other eventful activities.  

There are six of the most exciting events that will begin October 11 – 16. Read on to discover the thrilling things that the school will have next month for homecoming! 

1. Friday night football game  

Mrs. Melnychenko, one of the English teachers at NDP, said that the homecoming football games are so exciting, and how it is her favorite homecoming event that the school has. “Not only do they announce King and Queen, but being with your friends and enjoying the night is typically the best part,” said Melnychenko.  

2. Homecoming dance  

Although Melnychenko prefers the football game, she said that a lot of time goes into putting together a homecoming dance and it is something that all the students should attend. Every year the homecoming committee makes an extra effort to deck the gym out with decorations and lights. Additionally, they always hire a DJ so the night can be even better.  

3. Powderpuff games 

Notre Dame Prep’s powder-puff games usually take place the night before the homecoming football game, and is a very popular event with most of the students. Powderpuff football games are typically flag football games between girls from junior and senior classes. Funds from the ticket sales for the game usually go to charity or the senior class. Roya Vahedian, a sophomore at NDP said, “I can’t wait to watch these games and support my friends, but I am also so excited for next year when I can actually play and participate.” 

4. House events 

Ella Meyer, another sophomore at NDP, said how thrilled she was for the house events during homecoming week. Not only does she love her house, St. Max, but she always participates in the house activities and thinks they will be super exciting during the week of homecoming. A popular house activity is the basketball tournament, where the houses individually compete to win a prize. Meyer said, “As much as I love the powderpuff games, I am so excited for the house events and activities because we didn’t have the opportunities to participate last year.”  

5. Pep rally  

NDP’s homecoming pep rally often takes place the Friday at lunch before the football game. Usually our pep rallies occur before sports events and encourage school spirit while also supporting members of the team. Vahedian said, “The pep rallies are my second favorite event. I love watching the cheer and pom team perform their incredible dances, and we get props to dress up with.”   

6. Dress up theme 

One of the last things on the list of events for homecoming week is the dress up themes. This year the homecoming committee decided on the theme of film noir from the 1920’s which is black and white with a pop of color. During the week of homecoming, students and teachers have the opportunity to dress up as characters from movies that were filmed or took place in the 1920’s. Meyer said, “ Since this is our first year that we get to dress up for spirit week, I’m going all out!”